Stratejacket….A Q & A punctuated with some music.

Please describe your surroundings so that we can all settle in.

We’re all chillin at the beach right now. It’s a lovely day to be truthful. 

Please introduce Stratejacket and tell us who does what and how you got together.

We got Jackson Roemers on guitar and lead vocals. Fabian Angel on bass guitar and backup vocals. And last and probably least, Nate Mangold on drums and backup vocals. 

How do you folks go about putting a song together?

Most of the time it’s ideas we have separately and sending it to each other. Or showing each other at practice. We’ve been trying to have more ideas that come from jams though. 

Why the name Stratejacket? Were there other names in the hat? If so, what were they? Somebody might be reading this that could really use one of your spares right now.

(Nate) it sounded the least dumb out of all the names I personally had. If I remember correctly I had raygun, Talan, killing your darlings, or project mayhem from Fight Club. I’m not being biased or anything but we just so happen to have a homie named Talan. So that name still sounds sick to me. 

Can you see Statejacket still performing when you’re old? You know, like The Rolling Stones.

If we’re all still alive and kicking when we’re old, then I think we’ll still be bothering each other to play. I did think of the possibility of getting tired of playing or music in general, but that was a stupid thought.

Do any of you have any hidden talents away from music? Maybe one of you is talented at origami or brilliant at making balloon dogs.

(Nate) I can ride a unicycle and juggle. Not at the same time, but I thought I’d lead with that.

(Fabian) I can do a pretty good Jesse Pinkman impression. I’m really good at making coffee and tea, I can make a mean cup of joe and tea hehe. I can spark up a conversation with literally anyone, I just love yapping. I have a green thumb!! (Inherited from my pops) I love Calathea plants, they’re hella pretty. I’m extremely good at checkers. 

(Jackson) I can actually play the electric guitar, I’m not too bad at it.

The new EP comes out soon, please tell us all about it.

Our EP is coming out May 10th with a total of five songs on it. Two of which are already out, “Bad Start” and “Be My Drug.” Declunk Magazine reader who’s reading this. If you haven’t checked it out, what are you doing? Check them out. These five songs I think all go together well and showcase what we can really do. 

The latest single ‘Be My Drug’ is out now and we love it. Is Angie real?

(Jackson) I never knew an Angie per se, the character was inspired by plenty of people I know with impulsive personalities including even myself. I find myself attracted to spur of the moment-minded individuals. There’s such a beautiful thing about unexpected plans becoming some beautiful experience. That’s what Angie is supposed to embody. It’s a story of someone pulling someone else out of a shell. 

My friend and I go fishing overnight a couple of times a year. It involves copious amounts of beer. A two-man disco breaks out around 11pm. This involves two blokes, in wellies, throwing shapes in the dark. What would be on your playlist for a drunken bankside disco?

The saddest songs known to man. With a bunch of white claw surges and Lagunitas IPA. 

As a job I spent 3 months cleaning toilets at a service station on the M3, not very pleasant. What is the worst job that you folks have had to do?

(Nate) I worked at Target for a couple months. The actual work wasn’t too bad. I would have to be in by 4:30am. But, since I didn’t have a car at the time I had to take a taxi there. At the same time I worked at an electric skateboard warehouse. So I would skate to the warehouse with my own electric skateboard I got from there. I would get off at like 2pm and right over. That whole thing was a little brutal. 

(Jackson) I worked in the electrical department at Home Depot, that was probably my worst job. it was nine hour days of absolutely nobody giving a fuck about what I was doing. My hair was very long at the time, still is, but I used that to listen to music and hide my air pods. The entire catalogue of the Clash lives in my brain right next to my time at Home Depot.

(Fabian) I used to work for my dad doing construction/landscaping work. It wasn’t the hardest thing to do, matter of fact, the work was actually very fulfilling. Watching the final production of each job site was satisfying. However, working with your dad as the boss could have its setbacks. It was hard to call off, my HR department was my mom, and I couldn’t fake a sickness to call off. Love that guy though haha.

There have been some notorious riders demanded by rock n rollers. For example, Marylin Manson requested gummy bears and a bald headed, toothless hooker. Van Halen demanded M & Ms with all the brown ones taken out. What would be on yours if money was no object?

A classic arcade machine must be on site at all times next to a fridge full lagunitas and white claw surges. We get to keep the machine after and the fridge. Accompanied by In N Out and if you get our orders wrong we’re not playing and trashing the green room. And if there’s not an In N Out by the venue or state we’re in, figure it out. 

Any bands/artists that you recommend we give a listen to?

I would have to say a lot; Bay Area bands like Rat Bastard Radio, Fistfight with Traffic, The Jellyfish Method, Emergency Broadcast System, Dead End Job. Give them all a listen.